Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hampi was very difficult to get to and totally amazing once we were there. Not necessarily a land with a lot of amazing food, though.

Guesthouse pizza and matar paneer (the guesthouse being Shanthi, across the river):

We had a really good lunch (consisting of snacks) at the Hotel Mayura Bhuvaneshwari in Kamelapuram...onion pakora, aloo paratha, and mirch pakora (which was so spicy I could only eat a few...but that's a good thing!).

We did make it to dinner in Hampi Bazaar one night, at the vaunted Mango Tree restaurant (which had recently moved from a more distant location). The chana masala was just okay, and Priya was looking forward to the different-sounding "spaghetti with cashews" that Lonely Planet had talked about, was just, like, dining-hall spaghetti with cashews mixed in. Okay.

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