Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cairo, Egypt

Our trip to India included a 12-hour layover in the Cairo airport. Rather than waste an entire day of the vacation, we extended it to four days. Of course, we happened to arrive in Cairo the day before the massive June 30 protests that would eventually oust President Morsi the day after we left, so a lot of our trip involved us hunkering down in the hotel. (We did eventually venture out and even made it to Tahrir Square by the second-to-last day).

We ate a couple of really good, really cheap, really casual meals at Zooba, on the island of Zamalek in the Nile.


Ta'amiya (Egyptian falafel made with fava beans):

Foul moudammas in a pita (so good we went up and ordered a second one after we finished):

Orange-flavored farmer's cheese in a pita:

At Abou El Sid on Zamalek, we got some other super-Egyptian food...molokhiyyah (Jew's mallow, a delicious mucuousy soup) and Circassian chicken (sort of bland, but good). Too dim for real pix, though; it had a great dark atmosphere:

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