Sunday, May 19, 2013

River Styx

in the past week or so, a handful of new restaurants have sprung up in our immediate neighborhood. with my parents down to visit, we tried River Styx (right near Transmitter Park, by the Roebling Tea Room folks) on Saturday night. (between River Styx and Achilles Heel--where I spent today drinking coffee and grading papers--my mom--a Latin teacher by trade--almost had a stroke from excitement).

they just opened on Tuesday, and at 6:30pm they were completely empty (it would fill up pretty nicely by the end of our meal around 8pm). the space is really beautiful and bigger than you'd think.

the menu was full of stuff we wanted, so for the three of us we ordered two entrees, two sides, and a bunch of appetizers.

the house cocktails were pretty good; I had one called Sinking Body that was cinnamon and grapefruit with vodka, and we also had one utilizing applejack, rye, and sour mix.

A raviolio with taleggio, ramps, and "turbo option" (turbot roe, I think)? in a broth.

Fava beans, curry, raw honey w/ naan:

The "Big Chef", a personal-sized pizza made in their wood-fired oven with bechamel (but only a little, pecorino, and mortadella. Didn't sound great, so we didn't plan to order it, but our server highly recommended it, and my mom said okay on an impulse. And it was one of the best things of the night:

The "salty rocks" side...deep-fried potatoes with a Thousand Island-style sauce. Yuck on the sauce but the potatoes were amazing (and of course my dad loved the sauce):

Anchovies That Have Been Sitting By A Fire (basically bagna cauda) with housemade foccacia:

Oven greens (tangy kale, in this case):

Sea bass with buried onion, lentils, purple radish (an entree):

Braised pork with English peas and paccheri (also an entree):

They had one dessert (a panna cotta) that we passed on.

the food was really very good. It's on the expensive side for Greenpoint, but not compared to Manhattan or even Williamsburg (when we first looked at the menu my dad exclaimed, "It's cheap!"). the appetizers were the best thing--every single one we had was great, and better than either of the entrees, which were pretty good. the entrees were pretty small portions--in fact, about equivalent in size to some of the appetizers, and for double the price--but I guess I don't really go out to eat to stuff myself full of as much sea bass as my stomach can hold, do I? we left satisfied and happy and will be returning.