Sunday, April 14, 2013

Casa Enrique, continued

Over the past eight weeks or so, I estimate that Priya and I have been to Casa Enrique six or seven times, mostly for their new brunch (but a couple of dinners and takeout as well). It has been uniformly excellent, never crowded, well-priced, and marked by great service.

Al pastor tacos, chicken flautas, chorizo-and-egg torta with black bean spread, sopes, huevos rancheros, and huevos con mole.

We also pretty much always get the guacamole, which is well-made and spicy, and comes with three salsas that are great (especially the orange habanero one). We also really like that they'll give you more (good) tortilla chips when you ask, no problem, no charge.

A couple of dings: although they give free coffee refills for brunch (as everywhere should), I got charged twice for a second iced coffee. Really, that shouldn't be any different. And we had the chilaquiles one week (great!) but upon returning the next week found that it no longer came with two fried eggs--now you have to pay $2.50 per extra egg on top of the standard price. Come on.

Still, a great place, and we'll be back...maybe even next week. The menu is pretty large so we have a lot of delving to do.

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Anonymous said...

Was in LIC a couple weeks ago and saw this place. Peaked in window. Will def. be back now to check it out. Thanks, Alex. David