Thursday, February 7, 2013

Il Buco Vineria

Rob & I took Jenna & Priya to Il Buco Vineria for their January birthdays. Though I'd heard some mixed things, every single dish we had for dinner was fantastic--though dessert dropped to "just OK".

Housemade salumi plate. The American prosciutto was better than most of the stuff I got in Parma. The bread was also awesome--it was $1 per person and we ordered repeats (though they didn't charge us the second time):

Ricotta, Chioggia beets, blood orange, pistachio:

Foie gras, clementine mostarda:

Cacio e pepe:

Enormous short rib with olive, celery, walnuts, horseradish:

Lasagna, kind of deconstructed, still delicious:

Agnolotti with butternut squash (amazing, but this is the one thing we thought was too skimpy on the portion size):

Porchetta with pickled kumquat:


Apple tart:

Pink grapefruit and Campari sorbet, honey-yogurt gelato, and salted-caramel gelato:

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