Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Big E

Priya, Jenna, Rob, and I made the drive north to Massachusetts for the 2012 Big E (an event I used to attend annually for all the New England-themed food, but have fallen away from in recent years). Meeting up with Lisa, Dan, and Maya, we pretty much just ate for 4 hours.

Fried dough, both sauce & cheese and apples & cinnamon, in the CT building:

Dark birch beer, CT:

All kinds of chocolate-covered stuff, CT:

Vermont maple walnut buttercrunch, VT building:

Maple cotton candy, VT:

Cider doughnuts, VT:

Apple pie with a huge chunk of sharp cheddar cheese, VT:

Clam fritters (my favorite thing as a kid), Rhode Island building:

Rhode Island-style clam chowder, RI:

White raspberries, MA:


Boston creme cupcakes, MA:

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