Sunday, October 7, 2012

Masjid Al-Hikmah

Last Indonesian food fair of the season! Prado, Ellovich, Toby, Sirin, Priya and I went out for a kind of belated celebration of my birthday. A rainy day kept some vendors and people away (sadly, the gado-gado ladies did not show), but we got there nice and early (before 11) so we were able to camp out at a table under the tent.

fried tempeh (left) and a fried vegetable thing with a shrimp fried right into it:

noodle soup (lots of noodles underneath) and pieces of various animals, meatballs, etc.

chicken satay. the beef satay was actually better (nice blackened grilled outside)! I really think this satay is way superior to Thai-style satay, with lots of spicy pepper pieces mixed into the peanut sauce.

I pointed at this and said, "how much?" and the woman said, "spicy chicken". Okay, I got it. Very good and not really as spicy as it looks. the other thing is a fried hard-boiled egg (the outside was all wrinkly and browned like the thin part of a fried egg). $5 for the plate.

some mochi-like glutinous rice desserts. the first has dark palm sugar syrup all over it and was amazing. the second was filled with something like mung bean paste but not mung bean paste? a sweet powder of sorts.

a very gingery pudding that you poured coconut milk and palm sugar syrup over before eating. we asked what it was and the woman said, "pudding".

savory peanut brittle type thing we got to take home. not sweet at all, very good!

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