Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Crimson Sparrow

in Hudson, NY for David and Joseph's wedding; for brunch the next morning, we checked out The Crimson Sparrow, which opened a few months ago and features two chefs who used to work at WD-50. Brunch is a simple but brilliant concept there: for $16, you choose four items from the menu, which allows you to mix sweet & savory, or have no bread items at all, or lean heavily on the meat, or whatever.

Priya had the breakfast sausage, two eggs over easy, fried green (well, kinda red) tomatoes with Frank's Red Hot aioli, and waffles with apple-cider syrup:

I selected the pork belly, a "frittata" with sweet corn & caramelized onion, dandelion-green salad with chevre, pinenuts, and green goddess dressing, and monkey bread scallions. I put "frittata" in quotation marks because it was very different from what I expected--but in a good way! the texture was incredibly silky/airy, like a custard.

it was all excellent; in fact, when we come back to Hudson next month, we're seriously considering moving up our departure-from-NYC time to 8am so we can revisit the brunch here....or maybe we should try the dinner?

also--beautiful space, with an outdoor ivy-covered garden that gives a clear view into the kitchen so you can watch the scurrying cooks assemble dishes.