Sunday, August 5, 2012


I eat at Xi'an Famous Foods (under the bridge in Chinatown) maybe once every two weeks. It is excellent and the prices are great (and a buck lower than the St. Mark's location, I hear).

Priya and I ventured further afield last week and went to Biang!, the new "upscale" place in Flushing by the Xi'an people. we weren't super-hungry, but we did get three very nice dishes.

Fiddlehead salad with sesame oil and black vinegar (not curly like the fiddleheads I usually get?):

Quail eggs and spicy sausage (below the egg) on toasted bun slices (the same bread they put their pork or lamb "burgers" on, I believe):

 And the ol' favorite (which I almost always order during those biweekly visits to Xi'an), spicy lamb cumin noodles. This is 2 bucks more, but the same dish:

All very good, and I don't really mind paying an extra two bucks if it means the restaurant has chairs to sit on (and, eventually, a liquor license, though not yet).

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