Sunday, June 3, 2012

Burmese food festival

With Sam, Erum, Shehzad, and Samir, we went to the Moegyo Burmese Food Fair (5th annual) held in the cafeteria of Aviation high school in LIC, Queens. I wasn't sure what to expect--whether it would be super-empty, or crowded, or lame, or cool, or what--but it turned out to be pretty great. We got there around 12:30 and it was crowded enough that we had to sit on the ground outside, but not so crowded that you couldn't walk up and order whatever food you wanted without waiting in a stupid GoogaMooga-like line. We just hung out outside, returning repeatedly for new foods, and by the time we left it had gotten even more packed.

Making tea-leaf salad:

Chicken curry, very soupy with a sliced-up roti on the bottom:

Grass-jelly drink:

Samosa salad:

Chicken and coconut with egg noodles:

Tofu salad, Burmese style. I'd never had this kind of yellow Burmese tofu before and it was crazy good:

Roast pork and rice noodles:

Chicken biriyani:

"Assorted pig internals" and crispy pork belly:

Banana cake:

Semolina cake:

Black sticky rice with coconut milk. The last one, seized from an elderly Burmese woman when she put it down for a minute:

Basil seed, Sprite, and cream soda:

Agar-agar jelly stuff:

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rudylandsam said...

The green soda was the sleeper hit!