Monday, May 21, 2012

Filipino chicken adobo and spicy eggplant

dinner @ home. Filipino adobo chicken from Cook's Illustrated + spicy garlic eggplant from everywhere and nowhere.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Al-Hikmah Indonesian mosque in Astoria

periodically, it seems, the Al-Hikmah Indonesian mosque sets up a bunch of tents in its back parking lot and sells Indonesian food.

the signs are all in Indonesian, and being pretty inexperienced with Indonesian food, I had to ask about things that looked good and take a chance on them. of course everyone there is super-friendly and happy to explain, so that was no problem.

after the disaster that was the Great GoogaMooga festival yesterday in Prospect Park (hourlong lines for ID checks, drink tickets, drinks themselves--including water--and hourlong lines for food), it was great to have a similar "many different booths of food" experience in a crowded environment that nevertheless only took you 5 minutes to get anything you wanted.

a "mixed fruit drink" (the gentleman would not say more. it did have lychees, coconut shreds, papaya, and cubes of jelly in it, though):

Dendeng sapi (Indonesian beef jerky; with the pepper sauce, it was very spicy) and kale.

A fried ball of tofu with shrimp and other stuff inside.

Can't wait to try out the other stuff next time!