Friday, April 6, 2012

Di Fara Pizza!

Priya and I took a Good Friday trip to Di Fara's, fulfilling a goal I've been talking about for years. (and now when Dom passes away, I won't feel like I've missed something irreplaceable).

we ordered 2 slices + a square pizza. the slices came after maybe 40 minutes and were a good tide-over while the next hour ticked by. we took home most of the square pizza.

the people at the table we were taking over had a full-on operation for taking home their remaining square pizza. they opened the woman's purse and pulled on latex gloves, laid out pre-cut sheets of tinfoil, degreased each piece by mopping it top and bottom, and then did some expert foil-folding job to put each slice in its own individual packet, before stacking them neatly in double plastic bags.

obligatory Dom pic, without which no food blog is complete:

$5 slices. amazing.

kind of an unbelievable pizza experience. go before it's gone.

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