Monday, March 12, 2012

Los Angeles

We arrived home from Brussels and almost immediately got on a plane to LA for Urs' opening at Gagosian (helloooo 9-hour time-difference jet lag).

We had several restaurants in mind, but ended up being a part of a bunch of whole-studio dinners/parties, and so we really only got to go to one or two places of our choice!

one was Ink.Sack, the fancy-sandwich shop of Ink (one of the dinner places we didn't get to check out). It was amazing...I had a fried chicken-skin sandwich with chicken-liver mousse (great crispy/creamy contrast) and pickled green tomatoes, and some homemade crab chips (Old Bay-style flavored, not actual crab), and some spicy pineapple, and some cookies (Mexican Chocolate Chip, with cinnamon, and a gooey chocolate hazelnut). Plus some fancy sodas (Priya got newly fancied-up Faygo and I called her a juggalo). We had Ivan & his baby with us and sat on a nearby lawn and watched dandies trying to get into Oscars parties.

We tried to eat avocados every day (it's California!). Had some great tacos at Pinche Taco right near our hotel on Sunset...lengua (tongue), chicken mole, fish, and a couple of different porks:

Not precisely "food", but while wandering around at Point Dume, we came upon not one but several bikini-photoshoots while digging for anemones in the tide pools...Priya happened to snap this photo just as a rappeller jumped headfirst off the cliff above us, slowing himself to a halt right before hitting the rocks.

One of the dinners was at Musso & Frank's, a classic LA steakhouse, where Priya (amazingly) got a prime rib, maybe the second steak she's ever ordered. It was a good place, but the best part was Dave Grohl hanging out next to our table drinking for a half hour.