Monday, February 13, 2012

New Bakhtar Afghan Kebabs

Erum & Sam suggested dinner at New Bakhtar, an Afghan kebab place (along Coney Island Ave) Erum's family enjoys. When we arrived, we were momentarily confused, because the sign read MOROCCAN FOOD, but we noticed that the Arabic script said "Afghan", so we concluded it was the right place. I guess they recently added a Moroccan section of the menu or something?

It was completely empty (despite being 8pm on a Saturday night) and the menu above the registers featured hot wings, french fries, and chicken nuggets, all helpfully illustrated with backlit photographs. An inauspicious beginning, but when the food started coming, all of that was eclipsed.

Chicken chapli kebab:


Spinach (we got a second order without meat as well):

Chicken kebab, sort of seekh-like:

Chicken qorma:

I liked it all, and would definitely be back.

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