Monday, January 16, 2012

Priya's birthday brunch 2k12

raw kale salad with butternut squash, cheddar cheese, roasted almonds, lemon juice (this got destroyed, almost nothing left. I guess kale is popular now)

baked brie with pepper-pear jam and walnuts

deviled eggs with garam masala, shallots, and coriander leaves (made with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise so I actually had one)

smoked salmon from that factory in Greenpoint where you have to get up early on a Friday and stand in line to buy it

blueberry boy-bait

poha with raisins, chiles, peas, tons of coriander leaves

quinoa salad with curry dressing, apples, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and mint

French green lentil salad over baby spinach

kielbasa from Kiszka

almond cake

also we had two pans of baked French toast casserole and two pans of baked egg-chile-tortilla casserole (from Katie), and Peter Pan doughnuts (from Brina) and mini cupcakes from Crumb (from Sirin).

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