Saturday, January 28, 2012

Momofuku Ssam Bar Duck Lunch

Finished grading Regents exams, so Yvette, Wooh, Sowiski and I celebrated by having the Momofuku Ssam Bar Duck Lunch:

So, if you look closely, each of those pink rounds is actually two things: a duck breast with duck sausage laid atop it, and the whole thing wrapped in duckskin and then rotisseried and sliced. Confit duck legs and scallion pancakes along the side, and a watercress salad with duckfat dressing (and a bunch more herbs like mint and coriander) as well. And of course a lot of stuff on the side I didn't snap, like butter lettuce for wrapping, ginger-scallion-duckfat sauce, various hoisins and the like, crisped shallots, etc.

Came with two sides--we chose the fingerling potatoes with black bean paste and the pickle plate (I've never had Jerusalem artichoke pickles before, and this seemed to have them--pretty good!).

$140 for 4-6 people. Pricey lunch.

But it was kind of amazing. I think I've made the circuit of the David Chang special-dinner things, and some of them were outstanding (bo ssam) and some were just pretty good (fried chicken) but this is one of the few I would do again, despite the price. DUCK 4EVA.

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