Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mina's brussels sprouts salad

Mina, who makes delicious lunches for the studio where Priya works, is in the process of producing a cookbook, and Priya brought home a recipe for a raw shredded Brussels sprouts salad with toasted almonds to try out. We followed the measurements pretty exactly to kinda "test" the recipe.

It was so delicious, and super easy to make on the mandoline. I think I would add a little less almond--maybe 3/4 cup to 1lb of Brussels instead of a full cup--but otherwise wouldn't change the seasonings/proportions at all.

check out Mina's blog at http://twistycookies.com/ (for the time being)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Momofuku Ssam Bar Duck Lunch

Finished grading Regents exams, so Yvette, Wooh, Sowiski and I celebrated by having the Momofuku Ssam Bar Duck Lunch:

So, if you look closely, each of those pink rounds is actually two things: a duck breast with duck sausage laid atop it, and the whole thing wrapped in duckskin and then rotisseried and sliced. Confit duck legs and scallion pancakes along the side, and a watercress salad with duckfat dressing (and a bunch more herbs like mint and coriander) as well. And of course a lot of stuff on the side I didn't snap, like butter lettuce for wrapping, ginger-scallion-duckfat sauce, various hoisins and the like, crisped shallots, etc.

Came with two sides--we chose the fingerling potatoes with black bean paste and the pickle plate (I've never had Jerusalem artichoke pickles before, and this seemed to have them--pretty good!).

$140 for 4-6 people. Pricey lunch.

But it was kind of amazing. I think I've made the circuit of the David Chang special-dinner things, and some of them were outstanding (bo ssam) and some were just pretty good (fried chicken) but this is one of the few I would do again, despite the price. DUCK 4EVA.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Priya's birthday brunch 2k12

raw kale salad with butternut squash, cheddar cheese, roasted almonds, lemon juice (this got destroyed, almost nothing left. I guess kale is popular now)

baked brie with pepper-pear jam and walnuts

deviled eggs with garam masala, shallots, and coriander leaves (made with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise so I actually had one)

smoked salmon from that factory in Greenpoint where you have to get up early on a Friday and stand in line to buy it

blueberry boy-bait

poha with raisins, chiles, peas, tons of coriander leaves

quinoa salad with curry dressing, apples, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and mint

French green lentil salad over baby spinach

kielbasa from Kiszka

almond cake

also we had two pans of baked French toast casserole and two pans of baked egg-chile-tortilla casserole (from Katie), and Peter Pan doughnuts (from Brina) and mini cupcakes from Crumb (from Sirin).

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Priya's birthday dinner at ABC Kitchen

We went to ABC Kitchen for Priya's birthday... It was outstanding, and we're already planning to return. The menu and waitstaff seemed very Brooklyn (impeccably sourced farm-to-table food served on mismatched vintage plates by hipsters wearing uniforms of plaid shirts, chunky eyeglasses, and Chuck Taylors), but the Manhattan prices, link to a celebrity chef (Jean-Georges Vongerichten), and servers stepping in to refold our napkins whenever we left the table made it very clear which borough we were in...

Since we're not drinking right now, I started with an $11 glass of juice (The Local," with beet, carrot, apple, and ginger, I think?) and Priya had a ginger-lime soda... Both were delicious:

Terrible picture because we were in a hurry to eat, but this was one of the best things we got... a fried egg over roasted cauliflower with onion and walnut crumbs:

Crab toast with lemon aioli...believe it or not, I ATE MAYONNAISE!

Per a friend who works there's recommendation, we tried the egg-and-mushroom whole-wheat pizza. It was a little oversoaked in mushroom liquids in the middle, but still really good. We wanted the special brussels sprout pizza but the last one was ordered out from under us. Maybe by Arianna Huffington, who was at the next table interviewing someone I didn't recognize...

Celery root and apple salad. How do they get the spicy tarragon croutons to be so amazingly crispy/soft/delicious? We thought they must have been deep-fried...

Cornmeal-crusted skate wing, squash with maple syrup and lime (and probably more than 50% butter), kale:

Completely boneless (but with all the parts--breast, dark meat, etc--all fused together--maybe with meat glue?) piece of super-crispy fried chicken over collard greens with hot-sauce butter:

Chocolate cake with malted chocolate ganache and toasted-marshmallow frosting:

Next time we're going to order a bunch of appetizers and small plates instead of entrees, I think, just because so many things on the menu look so good.