Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peter Chang's China Grill

in Fairfax VA for Thanksgiving, we took a day trip out to Charlottesville to visit Kristin & Ian. We went to lunch at Peter Chang's China Grill, a new Szechuan restaurant opened by the elusive and famed Peter Chang (see the New Yorker piece for details).

Double-cooked pork (moister and with fewer leeks than the versions at Little Pepper or Spicy and Tasty):

Spicy braised fish:

Fried rice:

Dry-cooked green beans (not quite as dry, and not quite as good, as those at Little Pepper et al; still great though!):

Scallion bubble pancake with a coriander-heavy curry sauce; these were really reminiscent of poori (but pretty good):

Dry-cooked eggplant (a specialty we'd heard a lot about; sooo good, covered with cracked Szechuan peppercorns and with an amazing flavor) and pan-fried dumplings (a cut above the five-for-a-dollar dumplings I get for lunch at Prosperity Dumpling in Chinatown):

Excellent place, and I'd definitely be back when I'm back in Charlottesville. Consider me a Peter Chang fan.

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