Saturday, October 1, 2011

Smorgasburg, and Brooklyn Grange CSA #16

Kind of a small load this week--lots of nice tomatoes, but otherwise just spinach & lettuce.

We did get a Brooklyn Grange tote bag, so maybe that was thrown in to make up for the size of the share this week. I think I'd rather have had the food. Can't wait to eat the tomatoes, though.

We wandered around Smorgasburg and had breakfast there. We had a $5 tray of blistered shishito peppers from Bocata (so good), two cold-concentrated chicory iced coffees from Grady's Cold Brew (funny thing...I usually put a ton of sweetener in my coffee, but the Grady's guy advised me to try this without sugar, because I guess the chicory cuts the bitterness and adds its own sweetness? He was totally right--I drank the whole thing happily without adding a single bit of sugar), hibiscus & plain doughnuts from Dough, and a bamberg chicken-schnitzel sandwich with mustard and grated pickled daikon and cucumber on a pretzel loaf from Schnitz. We also sampled a lot of great stuff, most notably the insanedark & light maple syrup from Crown Maple Syrup. We also spent a bunch of time sampling stuff at the Lush chocolate booth. I liked the Indonesian cashew and keffir lime/lemongrass brittle, but Priya ended up buying a quantity of dark chocolate toffee with almonds.

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