Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pickle Me Pete

Stan & I went to the San Gennaro Feast to try to get some of the new good stuff they had, but were disappointed to find that the booths we were most looking forward to were weekend-only. A shame--so we ate at Torrisi instead.

I did happen upon a booth selling homemade pickles and bought a quart. Pickle Me Pete has no location, but does fairs and delivery. I thought the pickles were pretty great--ever since Guss' closed, I haven't really had a place for great pickles. The Pickle Guys on Essex don't really do it for me (too salty, maybe?) and the new Guss location is so far (Borough Park). I hope Pickle Me Pete gets a location nearby--I'd return.

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Pete said...

Thanks for the compliments, it is greatly appreciated.

I will have a shop in Bryant park for the entire holiday season. Starts October 27th thru January 8th. Please feel free to log onto my website to see more information about Pickle Me Pete and in particular my shop at Bryant Park, events, or the home delivery service.

Again, thanks for mentioning us.

Pickle Me Pete