Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Pepper in College Point

an ass-kicking Labor Day weekend for food...we went to Little Pepper for dinner last night with my in-laws, their treat (thanks!).

We've been a handful of times already, but never to the new (College Point) location. It's funny; they seem to have broadened the menu with Hunan and Americanized stuff as more white people come to the restaurant (General Tso's chicken, hot and sour soup, etc.) They still don't speak English worth a damn, though, which is nice.

Dan dan noodles with ground pork:

Cucumbers with crushed garlic and sesame oil:

Enhanced pork (well, that's what I ordered, but the guy said, "Double-cooked pork" as he put it down. I've ordered both enhanced and double-cooked pork like twice each and cannot for the life of me tell the difference. What IS the difference? It seems like even the restaurant workers think they're interchangeable):

Shrimp with chili sauce:

Plain ol' broccoli, I dunno why I photographed this:

Lamb with cumin:

Eggplant with garlic...oh God, this is so good:

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