Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rockaway Taco

Sirin, Priya, and I went to the beach on Sunday, and made a run to Rockaway Taco (the location a block from the beach, not the beach stand) for lunch.

I got a fish taco (no white sauce) and a carne taco; after eating the super-crispy fish taco, I wished I'd ordered two. Then I ate the carne taco and was happy I'd had one of each. We also got a side of chips and guac (get two if you have three people...our mistake) and a Ziploc bag of cucumber, mango, and jicama spears covered with spicy chili powder. Pretty awesome beach food. I was too sandy and sticky and lotion-y to take pix of the food, sadly (and we ripped through it too fast), but definitely Rockaway Taco is not just some crappy beach-food place. Next time we'll check out Ripper's.

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