Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene dinner

holed up for the hurricane, we made fava beans + ricotta +chiocciole. mmm.

Brooklyn Grange CSA #11

due to Hurricane Irene, Smorgasburg was cancelled and we had to pick this up at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Pretty good spread! we made miso eggplant with last week's haul and are looking forward to something else delicious with this one.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brooklyn Grange CSA #9 and #10

CSAs #9 and #10. We've gotten eggplants, peppers, baby beets, some cherry tomatoes, "Asian braising greens" (what's that?) and this week some purple tomatillos. Best of all, though, last week's okra...absolutely giant pods, which we made bhindi out of and ate with chicken saag.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cucumber-mint soda

Priya had the idea to make cucumber-mint sodas with some of our CSA bounty. She made some mint syrup by boiling down sugar and fresh mint leaves, and I made a bottle of cucumber juice by seeding, pureeing, and straining a handful of CSA cucumbers (and then adding a lemon's worth of lemon juice). We keep them in the fridge in bottles, and when we want a soda, we put about three tablespoons of each (syrup, and juice) in a glass and then fill it with seltzer. Really delicious and super easy to make.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

M. Wells spaghetti sandwich!

in the waning days of M. Wells (they say it's going to find a new location and open soon...but who knows?) we hit it for brunch on one of our waning summer days off. Finally, they had the spaghetti Bolognese sandwich I've been itching to try. A fried patty of spaghetti with chunks of hamburger meat and tomato sauce all good.

My brunch companions got the seafood cobbler (which I tried and which was excellent--much better than I thought it would be, with big chunks of white fish), the old favorite egg sandwich, and a few donuts to take home. But I'd also eaten a biscuit with plum jam, and was feeling pretty carbed out, so I had to leave half my sandwich on the plate so I wouldn't explode.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brooklyn Grange CSA #7 & #8

Been eating a lot of lemon cucumbers due to this CSA...delicious!

And my wish for tomatoes came true this week! We also got a boatload of ground cherries, which I've never cooked with before and need to figure out how to use. They emailed us a recipe I'll check out.

Rockaway Taco

Sirin, Priya, and I went to the beach on Sunday, and made a run to Rockaway Taco (the location a block from the beach, not the beach stand) for lunch.

I got a fish taco (no white sauce) and a carne taco; after eating the super-crispy fish taco, I wished I'd ordered two. Then I ate the carne taco and was happy I'd had one of each. We also got a side of chips and guac (get two if you have three people...our mistake) and a Ziploc bag of cucumber, mango, and jicama spears covered with spicy chili powder. Pretty awesome beach food. I was too sandy and sticky and lotion-y to take pix of the food, sadly (and we ripped through it too fast), but definitely Rockaway Taco is not just some crappy beach-food place. Next time we'll check out Ripper's.