Friday, July 22, 2011

Street & Co, Portland ME

went to Street & Co. for dinner during my visit to Portland. it was kind of a placeholder before we went to the vaunted Fore Street (as we do every year) the next night, but it was kind of amazing and arguably I enjoyed my meal more than I did at Fore Street! sorry for the terrible pix, but I was reduced to using my phone and it didn't do well as it got darker.

excellent, excellent Peeper Ale beer:

Salad of grilled onions, Valdeon cheese, reduced balsamic vinegar, and greens:

The salad was two-thirds sweet/vinegary onion--the greens were almost incidental.

for dinner I had a whole branzino surrounded with clams. it was outstanding, so fresh and delicious.

I want to go back next year!

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