Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brooklyn Grange CSA #5 & #6

I was in Boston and Maine during our CSA pickup #5, but my lovely wife was kind enough to take a picture for me after she picked it up.

I did make it for CSA pickup #6.

We were very happy to get a nice batch of green beans, and I was really happy to see more of the incredibly delicious carrots and cucumbers. I'm not sure what the greens on the far right were--looks like they'd been lopped off a white root, and not sure what I can do with them. The parsnips were a little disappointing--they're so tiny I don't think they're even peelable, but maybe that means the skins are edible without being too bitter.

One thing that's tough about a weekly CSA pickup at the Greenmarket is seeing a bunch of things for sale on the table--delicious-looking beets, for instance--that don't show up in our bag. Maybe they'll show up in future weeks as they get more?

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