Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brooklyn Grange CSA #5 & #6

I was in Boston and Maine during our CSA pickup #5, but my lovely wife was kind enough to take a picture for me after she picked it up.

I did make it for CSA pickup #6.

We were very happy to get a nice batch of green beans, and I was really happy to see more of the incredibly delicious carrots and cucumbers. I'm not sure what the greens on the far right were--looks like they'd been lopped off a white root, and not sure what I can do with them. The parsnips were a little disappointing--they're so tiny I don't think they're even peelable, but maybe that means the skins are edible without being too bitter.

One thing that's tough about a weekly CSA pickup at the Greenmarket is seeing a bunch of things for sale on the table--delicious-looking beets, for instance--that don't show up in our bag. Maybe they'll show up in future weeks as they get more?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


after seeing Katie post about making smittenkitchen fudgsicles, I was inspired and did it myself while sitting around on the hottest day ever. we didn't have popsicle molds so I used our kulfi molds and teeny metal spoons for handles.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Street & Co, Portland ME

went to Street & Co. for dinner during my visit to Portland. it was kind of a placeholder before we went to the vaunted Fore Street (as we do every year) the next night, but it was kind of amazing and arguably I enjoyed my meal more than I did at Fore Street! sorry for the terrible pix, but I was reduced to using my phone and it didn't do well as it got darker.

excellent, excellent Peeper Ale beer:

Salad of grilled onions, Valdeon cheese, reduced balsamic vinegar, and greens:

The salad was two-thirds sweet/vinegary onion--the greens were almost incidental.

for dinner I had a whole branzino surrounded with clams. it was outstanding, so fresh and delicious.

I want to go back next year!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

M. Wells

went to M. Wells for brunch. it was almost completely empty at 10:30am (on a Thursday) but full by 12:30. They were, sadly, out of the spaghetti sandwich I wanted, so I had to settle for an egg and tomato bowl (which was pretty delicious).

Mumbai Xpress

went to Mumbai Xpress in Floral Park for some chaat. these pictures are awful because we decided to go on the spur of the moment and didn't bring a camera (so these are my cameraphone pix).

Mango lassi and chikoo shake:

they put elaichi in their mango lassis, which is really weird--I liked it, but I like it better without.

Tokri chaat (in a fried potato basket):

Mumbai grilled sandwich:

This actually reminded me of India more than anything else we had--this is the kind of stuff you don't see in (non-chaat) restaurants here in the States but which Indian people make for you when you go over their houses in India. Cheese, peppers, potatoes, spicy coriander chutney.

Pao bhaji, which I had 3 times in India and liked each time, even when I had it on the plane. This version is great:

We got "special pav bahji" which comes with the heavily spiced rice.

We ordered this off the menu...rabdi:

they had a dessert of "rabdi kulfi falooda" but we didn't want kulfi or falooda. rabdi is the best mithai there is but it's impossible to get awesome rabdi in the States--in fact, we couldn't get good rabdi outside of Jaipur. this was OK but not great, very brown and caramel-tasting. still can never match Jaipur.

Jackson Heights is old news; Floral Park is the new Indian-food mecca!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chez Pascal in Providence

for our first wedding anniversary, Priya and I drove up to Providence for a movie (Midnight in Paris) and dinner at Chez Pascal. The movie was OK, but the dinner was excellent!

Pate & charcuterie plate, including a duck liver pate & a bunch of pork pates, including a country pate and a head pate, and some house-made sopressata:

Marinated Beets with Fried Hazelnuts, Honey Vinaigrette & Shy Brothers’ Farm Hannahbell Cheese:

Roasted Brined Bone-in Local Chicken Breast with Potato Purée, Wilted Greens & Caramelized Onion Sauce:

Roasted Local Fluke Filet with a Ragoût of Fava Beans, English Peas, Radishes & Bacon,
Seared Gateaux de Riz and Citrus Compote:

Chocolate Molten Cake with Espresso Anglaise, Chocolate Cacao Nibs & Mint Ice Cream Sandwich with Coconut Milk Jam, and Whipped Cream Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse with Four Town Farm Strawberries:

Definitely recommended; I feel like this restaurant could have stood its ground even in NYC.

Brooklyn Grange CSA #4

CSA pickup #4 (I missed the 3rd because we grabbed it on our way to Rhode Island):

basil, mint, cucumbers, peas, collards, salad greens, kale, a little baby cabbage, and another big head of fennel greens. I wish we were getting fennel roots instead of greens!

Roasting & grinding zeera

Our existing supply of cumin was over 3 years old, so I roasted and ground a pile of fresh seeds today.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rhode Island #2: Del's

on the drive home, saw a Del's Lemonade truck, had to pull over and get one.

Rhode Island #1: Matunuck Oyster Bar

wanting a break from the beach house during our Rhode Island vacation, Priya and I went for lunch to the Matunuck Oyster Bar with her parents.

I had my very favorite type of clam chowder: Rhode Island clam chowder, far superior to the creamy New England style or the tomatoey Manhattan style. I've often made it with a chicken broth base, but the waitress said this version was totally clam broth. Also, it had dill in it, which was an uncommon addition (but since I love dill, a welcome one).

I also had a plate of oysters: two small, sweet Matunuck oysters (from the pond right next to the restaurant) and two large, briny Quonset oysters. they were delicious enough that we ordered another plate of Matunuck oysters and even Priya had a couple.

more CSA chard

Making good use of our CSA chard that keeps coming: pumpkin ravioli sauteed with shallots and chard. the sweet pumpkin was a great counterpoint to the chard. Priya invented this dish.

Sadly, we grabbed our 3rd CSA pickup on the door out to Rhode Island, so I didn't get a picture of it. some delicious cucumbers, though!