Saturday, June 11, 2011

Louis' Lunch

coming back to CT from NYC with my parents, we stopped in New Haven for lunch at Louis' Lunch, home of the very first hamburger ever. We were in line before it opened at noon (and good thing, too--super tiny, super crowded space). The burgers are cooked on an ancient vertical grill and served on toasted white bread with onions, tomatoes, and cheese--nothing else.

they were pretty good, and I understand why they will kick you out if you so much as request ketchup...the sandwich had a really intense, focused, simple taste you lose with heavily dressed burgers. still, I do like the ketchupped style that regular burgers have evolved into very much.

one minor gripe: Priya's burger was totally grey all through, while my mom's was nicely rareish; mine was more on the medium well side than anything else. wish they were all consistent.

no pix due to the dim lighting, sadly. I'll hotlink a picture taken by someone else for a visual aid. thnx to them:

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