Saturday, June 25, 2011

CSA pickup #2 plus more Smorgasburg

our second Brooklyn Grange CSA pickup today: green kale, lavender, chard, scallions, mixed salad greens, purslane, and fennel greens. We felt it was a little skimpier than last week's, and were hoping to get some of the peas or baby beets or other veggies that were for sale at the stand; maybe next week!

we also grazed at a bunch of stands while we were there; the crowds have REALLY died down since the first week, so you can easily get anything you want without a huge line. It's strange to see that some places that seemed popular when I walked by in previous weeks are completely missing now (and new ones have taken their places).

fried anchovies with pickled peppers & lemon from Bon Chovie:

maple cotton candy from Liddabit:

We also had apple-ginger and rhubarb-mint sodas from Brooklyn Soda Works, another chicken and pickled tomato sandwich from I8NY, and blood orange and plain glazed doughnuts from Dough--all outstanding.

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