Saturday, June 25, 2011

CSA pickup #2 plus more Smorgasburg

our second Brooklyn Grange CSA pickup today: green kale, lavender, chard, scallions, mixed salad greens, purslane, and fennel greens. We felt it was a little skimpier than last week's, and were hoping to get some of the peas or baby beets or other veggies that were for sale at the stand; maybe next week!

we also grazed at a bunch of stands while we were there; the crowds have REALLY died down since the first week, so you can easily get anything you want without a huge line. It's strange to see that some places that seemed popular when I walked by in previous weeks are completely missing now (and new ones have taken their places).

fried anchovies with pickled peppers & lemon from Bon Chovie:

maple cotton candy from Liddabit:

We also had apple-ginger and rhubarb-mint sodas from Brooklyn Soda Works, another chicken and pickled tomato sandwich from I8NY, and blood orange and plain glazed doughnuts from Dough--all outstanding.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chard and purple kale from the Brooklyn Grange CSA

So far, our Brooklyn Grange CSA has made up the bulk of two dishes (and bits and pieces have found their way into a bunch of other foods, plus of course a few days of salads).

Chard with carrots, orange, and shallots:

Purple kale with quinoa, chickpeas, chives, and garlic scapes:

Keep it comin'!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the Fatty Crab

Tami & I had a nice early dinner at the Fatty Crab this week. wish it weren't so remote!

Special scallops with kumquats:

Heritage pork ribs with black vinegar glaze:

Chicken claypot with ginger, green chili, and tofu and coconut rice:

Fazio Farms Fatty Duck with pickled mustard greens, thai chili, gula jawa

I8NY @ Smorgasburg, plus Brooklyn Grange CSA

went to pick up our first load of vegetables from our CSA through the Brooklyn Grange:

Kale, chard, Bordeaux spinach, salad greens, basil, thyme, carrots, and chives/onions.

also, a little while later, returned to Smorgasburg to have a sandwich (grilled chicken, pickled tomato, salsa verde) at Jonny Meyer's I8NY booth and a malted-ball vanilla milkshake from Milk Truck. The sandwich was great; too often grilled chicken sandwiches are boring, bland breasts, but this was comprised of pieces of dark meat ripped off the bone, and had a ton of flavor. The milkshake was also great; I didn't even have time to take a pic of it because I drank it so quickly.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Louis' Lunch

coming back to CT from NYC with my parents, we stopped in New Haven for lunch at Louis' Lunch, home of the very first hamburger ever. We were in line before it opened at noon (and good thing, too--super tiny, super crowded space). The burgers are cooked on an ancient vertical grill and served on toasted white bread with onions, tomatoes, and cheese--nothing else.

they were pretty good, and I understand why they will kick you out if you so much as request ketchup...the sandwich had a really intense, focused, simple taste you lose with heavily dressed burgers. still, I do like the ketchupped style that regular burgers have evolved into very much.

one minor gripe: Priya's burger was totally grey all through, while my mom's was nicely rareish; mine was more on the medium well side than anything else. wish they were all consistent.

no pix due to the dim lighting, sadly. I'll hotlink a picture taken by someone else for a visual aid. thnx to them: