Saturday, May 7, 2011

M. Wells diner

We've been trying to go to M. Wells for a long time, and after seeing it mentioned in the New Yorker this past week, we knew we had to go soon before it got even more crowded than it has been. So we woke up early and got there early (10am) so we could beat the rush, and had a nice brunch with Adam & Clara. It never got super-busy while we were there, so I think the trick is getting in early.

Cinnamon doughnut:

Egg & sausage sandwich with pickled jalapeno, cheddar, and tomato on a fat English muffin:

Bacon hash with fiddleheads, morels, and egg:

Pickled pork tongue with mustard and soda crackers:

Gravlax pie with dill, potatoes, and creme fraiche:

Banana cupcake with peanut-butter icing:

Maple pie:

Really excellent; it's only a 20 minute walk from our house (and an even shorter bike ride) so I hope we'll be back again soon.

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