Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was the first day of Smorgasburg, a weekly event several blocks from our home that brings together a host of local awesome food stuff. As predicted, it was a total shitshow, but a delicious one. I think some kinks are still being worked out with lines and staffing--several places ran out of food at various times, and enormous lines stretched from most vendors (the Red Hook pupusa people...the lobster, EVERYTHING), but that stuff can be worked out.

We stood in a half-hour line for Kelvin slushes--I had an Arnold Palmer with mint, and Priya had a ginger with mango. Mine was good, but the ginger slush was outstanding. The long line happened for a couple of reasons...first, there weren't very many places to just get a drink you could walk around sipping on while you looked at or stood in line for other places; second, the machines kept running out of mix, so we had to keep waiting for the new batch of mix to refreeze. Easily fixable problems in the long run.

While we were waiting for the slushes, I popped over to the Porchetta line for some $5 porchetta mini-sandwiches. Although the line was longer, I was in and out in five minutes--it was run super-professionally, and I mean they're serving a single item that has two pieces, so it's very fast-moving. The sandwich was also great--just as good as the East Village location (if smaller).

We weren't done eating after the porchettas, so we stood in another very long line for Meat Hook hotdogs and "rupture/rapture" dogs (including cheddar cheese). This was maybe my second or third hotdog in the past twenty years and it was pretty good.

We also nibbled on samples and shared a cornflake cookie from the Momofuku Milk Bar tent. There's so many other things I want to try, and will in future weeks (but will have to arrive earlier, or just brave the lines). A lot of stuff was pricey, but nothing was mass-produced...even the shaved ice was made by hand at the shaved-ice stand:

One thing I did not want to try: the mayonnaise stand. I was appalled and disgusted by its very presence, but I'm sure it's good as far as mayonnaise goes (not very far).

I also was a bit disturbed by how the whole thing was basically just a huge value-add for the luxury condos for the wealthy that have eaten up the waterfront, but...well, I guess the money they will pour into artisanal food stuff is important to supporting it.


Mary Tess said...

hahaha i just "lol"ed when i read your mayonnaise stand comment. how could you, such an anti-mayonnaise man, have come from the loins of dad, the face of hellmann's?

waxwing slain said...

don't post about dad's loins on my food blog