Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eastern District

A few months back, Greenpoint got a fancy-food store of its very own--with craft beers, a cheese and meat counter, and all sorts of delicious stuff. Eastern District is just what the neighborhood needed.

Some things are quite expensive, but there are plenty of things which are equal to or even cheaper than their prices at other fancy-food stores in NYC. I've probably been there biweekly since it opened; it's a nice place to get gifts (I got my mom some Brooklyn Brine pickles, a Mast Brothers chocolate bar, and a bottle of pear cider for Mother's Day) or dinner (they have a nice sandwich menu) or a snack to bring to a party (Ovenly bacon popcorn, etc.).

Dinner the other night was a country-pate sandwich with Brooklyn Brine pickles and My Friend's whole-grain mustard, a Nectar IPA, and some moong dal (not from Eastern District; I just like it instead of chips with sandwiches).

Great place; patronize it as frequently as you can!

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