Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paris, Day Six

We had a lunch reservation at Chez L'Ami Jean, a Basque-influenced little place which used to have a €25 lunch (but it was €42 when we arrived. Ouch). However, it was outstanding.

Croustillant de moelle et sardine en filet de St. Jean de Luz (crispy bone marrow and sardine fillet):

Coques et moules, thym frais et sauge (pot of cockles and mussels with fresh sage and thyme):

Supreme de volaille jaune, cuisine en toute douceur, arome de coriandre (roasted chicken):

Onglet de veau 'blanc', roti au poelon, legumes de Blot au jus (veal, including the kidneys and glands and other innards):

A Basque white wine:

Pamplemousse d'ange...perles Japonaise...onctueux vanille (angelic grapefruit, Japanese tapioca pearls, and vanilla):

Riz au lait grand-maman, en disposition...nougtaine...beurre sale (rice pudding with salted caramel butter):

Once again the rice pudding blew our minds, and the roast chicken (and even the pureed potatoes) were The Best Roast Chicken And Potatoes We Have Ever Had, Bar None. Seriously.

Stuffed from the big lunch, we dropped off some vacuum-packed cheese purchases at home and then roamed Belleville. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff had closed early, and the FRAC (the gallery we wanted to view) was inexplicably closed--probably because it was school vacation week? We also decided against keeping our reservation at the restaurant we'd picked after viewing the menu--it looked good, but was so heavy and focused on lamb, and we couldn't eat another huge heavy meal after our astounding lunch. So we went back to the Marais and ate at Café des Musées. It was low-key, not expensive, and pretty good. I had decent escargot and an excellent steak tartare, and Priya had a nothing-to-write-home-about cocotte of vegetables and a cheese plate (we really were totally stuffed):

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