Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paris, Day One

Our flight arrived early on Sunday morning and we moved into our rented apartment in the Marais. Very close by was Rose Bakery, where we had our first meal. We were excited because Priya has had their cookbook (Breakfast, Lunch, Tea) for ages. I had bacon, eggs, mushrooms, and tomato--I know, English without the beans--and a cinnamon bun while Priya had a maple scone and a mini quiche (with sweet potatoes, broccoli, and green beans) plus two salad sides--a very interesting/cooling salad made of cucumber and paper-thin slices of cauliflower and romesco cauliflower and green herbs like tarragon, and an eggplant/fennel salad. We ordered too much, really--a scone came with my breakfast, and delicious bread and butter and preserves came with the whole meal.

For dinner, we were near the Pompidou, so we went to Black Dog, a metal bar full of guys with Terran Olson beards. Black Dog served dinner starting at 8, so we ate there--most of the menu is steaks. Some of the high-end ones are giant and cost like €60 each, but I just got the regular ol' rib-eye. It was decent, but overcooked, I thought--almost completely grey throughout, "medium" at best (surprising, because isn't France generally known for its bloody meat? Maybe they gave it another run through the fire when they saw I was American). Priya had a couple of passable-but-not-great empanadas.

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