Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maple cream puffs

for Beth's Iron Chef birthday party (theme: "stuffed"), we made maple cream puffs (maple mascarpone filling, maple glaze, big-grain maple sugar sprinkled on top). Really easy, actually. Our biggest regret was not piping them out prettier--we thought they'd lose shape so didn't put much care into it. wrong!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Má Pêche: Beef Seven Ways

with some food-lovers from my school, went to lunch at David Chang's "business lunch" (doesn't that sound horrible?) place Má Pêche for Bœuf Sept Façons.

Niman Ranch tongue in a spinach and basil salad with plum vinaigrette and peanuts. Never had tongue quite like this before; usually it's grey and chunky and in a lengua taco. :)

Not beef, but a duck banh mi we got on the side, just to try.

Wagyu with ginger, scallion, and radish. Shockingly beefy!

Cote de bœuf with butter, thyme, and garlic and Niman Ranch beef sausage with lemongrass, thai basil, and shallots. The sausage might have been my favorite thing of the whole meal.

A lot of stuff went well in lettuce wraps with spicy hoisin, crispy shallots and garlic, and pickles.

The crowning glory: oxtail with soy, sherry, and apple juice and beef shank with crab paste, onion, and chili. The oxtail vied with the sausage for the Best Thing; the beef shank was, of course, very very good (and very very large).

Finally, to finish off, a cup of delicate consomme with lime and Thai basil.

Was it as good as other "event" meals Momofuku restaurants offer, like Ssam Bar's Bo Ssam or the fried chicken feast at Noodle Bar? Not quite, I don't think--beef is a tough dish to like, especially seven ways--but it was still excellent. Doesn't hold a candle to Ko, though.

And it sucks having to go to midtown to eat, and it sucks eating around dudes who appear poised to ask me about my TPS reports:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Priya's b-day brunch 2k11

January. Time for Priya's annual b-day brunch, when we squeeze dozens of people into an apartment that does not fit four comfortably.

Kiszka kielbasa, poha, French green lentil salad over baby spinach, egg-chile casserole, Rob's mom's baked French toast, quinoa salad with apples, cranberries, mint, and curry, smoked salmon, Rzeszowska cheese babka, blueberry boy-bait, deviled eggs, beet-avocado salad with pepitas, halwa, Peter Pan donuts, and b-day cake.