Sunday, November 21, 2010

Torrisi Italian Specialties for dinner

Dan recently left WD50 for a job at Torrisi Italian Specialties. Wooh and I had been there for lunch before, but I was interested to try the new dinner service: $50, prix fixe, period. Katie, Lena, Priya and I met there at 6:30 on Friday and there was already a TWO HOUR wait for two people! Thanks to Dan for getting us seated right away. And the meal was astounding.

Garlic bread:

Warm mozzarella, DaVero oil, Milk Thistle cream:

Cucumbers New Yorkese (tasted mustardy):

Blackened mackerl, pickled eggplant, and celery:

Sweetbreads nha trang (think General Tso's sweetbreads):

Potato gnocchi, Brussels sprouts, Gulden's mustard (tasted kinda like a delicious grilled cheese sandwich):

BBQ lamb shoulder, fresh beans, molasses:

Cornbread polenta:

Striped bass, pickled green tomatoes, house olives:

Prime rib (cost $30 extra, served two):

The very end of the prime rib:

Swiss fudge swirls, Hudson bourbon cream puff, pizzelle cannoli with Salvatore filling, rainbow cookies, Concord grape cheesecake tart:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


ran next door to Mikey's Burger during happy hour for a quick burger. they were having some kind of kitchen meltdown, the cooks rolling their eyes as the clearly-new order-taker was screwing everything up. usually takes 5-10 min to get your order...I ordered a burger with no mayo. 30 minutes later, I got this: