Saturday, October 23, 2010

birthday dinner at WD-50!

Priya took me to WD-50 for my birthday dinner with Katie & Dave. Our friend Dan, who cooks there, is leaving shortly for a new job, so we wanted to get in and check it out while he was still in the kitchen.

We eschewed the tasting menu in favor of ordering a bunch of entrees and appetizers--cheaper and more satisfying, we figured. Right off we were sent an amuse-bouche of everything-bagel ice cream, dried smoked salmon threads, and a crispy piece of cream cheese.

Shrimp spaghetti, tomato, basil, garlic (the spaghetti itself was made out of shrimp--no pasta dough here):

Aerated foie gras, pickled beet, mashad plum, brioche:

Peekytoe crab roll, salt 'n' vinegar tiny chips, and celery mayonnaise (I dodged the mayo and found the dish to be pretty good without it):

Eggs benedict (deep-fried cubes of hollandaise sauce, cylinders of poached egg yolk, crispy ham sheets):

Veal brisket, honeydew cubes, crispy olive, and amazing fried ricotta:

Iberico pork neck, smoked paprika spaetzle, peach and sake sauce, marcona almond:

Walleyed pike, mashed yeast, zucchini, curry chips, nasturtium:

Duck breast, apple, cheddar, kimchee-cous cous in a cheddar-apple consomme:

Cod, peas-n-coconut, nori, carrot dashi (the peas-n-coconut, mashed underneath, were one of the standout dishes of the night):

Lemongrass mousse, jackfruit, lemongrass foam and lemongrass ice, brown sugar crunchy pastry thing, and whole-wheat ice cream:

Hazelnut tart, chocolate and coconut, chicory foam:

Edible cucumber-mousse candle with cucumber sugar sheet (for my birthday!):

Rainbow sherbet (of apple, orange, and tarragon sherbets) over olive-oil cake, wrapped up in a sugar sheet:

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