Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We were only in Helsinki for one night, so we made it count: dinner at Juuri, a well-reviewed place downtown that had been mentioned in the NYT. We stuck entirely to the sapas menu (small plates; Finnish tapas, I guess).

Buttery mushroom soup with rye breadstick:

Smoked reindeer heart with rowanberry-wine gelee:

Finnish snow ham with marinated plums (the menu says "blums"; we asked what blums were in English and the server looked at us blankly and said, "Blums. That's all they are.")

Eggcheese spiked with oregano, baked with straws:

Whitefish tartare, spinach mousse, and crisp bread:

Roasted rutabaga with cauliflower puree:

Crayfish-cottage cheese-filled cabbage leaves in dill butter:

Fresh sausages a la Juuri with vodka mustard:

Salted trout with root vegetable salad:

Beetroot and nut stew with small mushrooms:



cchopp said...

My mouth is watering. How was the reindeer heart? Amy had Reindeer in Norway and it was excellent (not heart). It was a little gamey but not overly lean.

alex said...

While I'm glad we ordered it, I'm not sure I appreciated the smoky taste mixed with the "rare red meat" flavor.