Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tibetan momos (vegetarian) in Vashisht.

Aloo paratha, with a spicy chili sauce different from the Indian-style pickles or chutney I'm used to.

Apple juice and mango lassi. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its orchards, and the apple juice was amazing.

Pretty good Italian food (spaghetti that was supposed to be spicy but wasn't, pizza with horrible canned sausage, odd but okay chocolate cake) from Il Forno, towards Old Manali. It's run by an old Veronese woman and Priya got to practice her Italian.

Manali is famous for its trout, which we had a bunch there--crappy picture of trout with ginger sauce at Chopsticks, a Chinese restaurant in Manali center (it was delicious; Priya thought it looked gross but ended up eating half of my dinner!), and tandoori trout from Khyber (where we also had outstanding chicken tikkatuk).

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