Sunday, August 22, 2010


A Pinch of Spice restaurant in Agra. We had tandoori chicken and paneer tikka, both of which were phenomenal; the chana masala was good but a bit strange (and had paneer in it as well, oddly). The waiter took our order and then asked, confused, why we were only getting one meal; we said, "We're getting a whole tandoori chicken too?" and he said, "But that's dry." I think the general idea is that an entree has to have a gravy to be considered suitable for a main dish.


Giant jackfruit tree at our hotel, the Taj Benares!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Flooding in Amritsar meant that we weren't able to try Amritsari fish nor Amritsar-style jalebi. We did get to eat at Moti Mahal, which is a growing Indian chain, and had excellent, excellent butter chicken (a Punjabi speciality) and rogan josh. Too dim for pix, sadly.


At Tsongkha, a rooftop Tibetan cafe, we had Chinar apple beer (delicious) and two kinds of Tibetan vegetarian noodle soups: thankthuk and thukpa, both of which were amazing. Also, we had vegetarian balab (empanada-like dumpling), which was a little too "fried"-tasting for me.


Tibetan momos (vegetarian) in Vashisht.

Aloo paratha, with a spicy chili sauce different from the Indian-style pickles or chutney I'm used to.

Apple juice and mango lassi. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its orchards, and the apple juice was amazing.

Pretty good Italian food (spaghetti that was supposed to be spicy but wasn't, pizza with horrible canned sausage, odd but okay chocolate cake) from Il Forno, towards Old Manali. It's run by an old Veronese woman and Priya got to practice her Italian.

Manali is famous for its trout, which we had a bunch there--crappy picture of trout with ginger sauce at Chopsticks, a Chinese restaurant in Manali center (it was delicious; Priya thought it looked gross but ended up eating half of my dinner!), and tandoori trout from Khyber (where we also had outstanding chicken tikkatuk).


At Sai Sweets in Chandigarh, we had chhole bhatura, samosas with paneer/peas/cashews/raisins inside, and khasta kachoras.


Peanut chaat (at the Executive Club)

Pani puri (which I wasn't allowed to eat, because it was made with dirty street water. In Mumbai later I would get to eat some made from good water).

Iddly and a ghee roast masala dosa from Saravanaa Bhavan, a pretty good South Indian chain.

From Karim's, an old famous Muslim Indian place, seekh kebabs, chicken burra (kebabs on the bone, after being marinated for ages in yogurt and papaya), jahangiri chicken, sheermal roti (never seen that in the States before--soaked in ghee, made with sugar in the dough, very good). So good.

Dinner in London with Craig, Stuart & Sophie

en route to India for our honeymoon, we stopped in London for a couple of days, staying with Craig in Stoke Newington. We intended to go out for dinner to Ottolenghi, but couldn't get a reservation, so Stuart & Sophie had us over to their beautiful flat in Pimlico and made dinner themselves: leek fritters (from Ottolenghi's cookbook), roasted fennel, roasted chicken, and crystallized-ginger ice cream.