Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Torrisi's Italian Specialties

after much recent press, Wooh and I checked out Torrisi's Italian Specialties during our lunch break.

the eggplant parm ($10 for a chunk), which I didn't get but will in the future.

the incredibly juicy-looking roast turkey, with thyme and huge hunks of salt all over it.

Wooh got a turkey sandwich, which looks a little yucky in this picture because he got it with mayonnaise :(. Next time, I'm definitely getting it (mayo-free).

Chicken parm sub ($9), for me. Very good sauce, mozz, chicken, and the leaf of basil really adds to the sandwich.

Roasted cauliflower ($3 for a quarter-lb) to split for a side--lots of rosemary, very dark/crispy/roasted.

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