Friday, June 4, 2010

after happy hour, Prado & I stopped by Mrs. Kim's for dinner. I was keen to try the green garlic/pickled ramps/pancetta lo mein I'd seen last week, but a special salad of watermelon with black vinegar, lime zest, cilantro, and szechuan-spiced cashews sounded interesting enough that I had to get that as well. Prado got the Korean fried chicken (which I've had a handful of times here; it's terrific) and we also both got to try duck-lardo dumplings.

the dumplings were 3 for $11, and coming from Chinatown (where they're 5 for a buck), it would be a little hard for me to pay that. but a bite of them erased any reservations. they had a super-dark-meat, super-delicious duck flavor that far surpassed the pork-and-chive cheapo dumplings from Prosperity.

the strange flavor combinations of the watermelon salad worked perfectly together. I'd never have pictured any of those things working in tandem, but it was a real winner.

and the lo mein was also very good, very satisfying. dark-colored and salty. mmm.

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