Friday, June 18, 2010


Dinner @ Roberta's with Priya, Chris, Sarah, Katie, and Katie's mom.

* cheese plate
* carrot salad with bacon and smoked ricotta
* tripe
* linguine with uni and chiles
* white & green pizza with sopressatta
* Cortes pizza (with cilantro, radishes, pickled onions, spicy sausage, crema fresca...kind of like a taco pizza)
* duck prosciutto
* olive oil gelato with sweet crystallized olives


we'd also had brunch at Roberta's last week, and I got one of my old favorites (guanciale and egg pizza) while Priya had delicious rhubarb pancakes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Meatball Shop

Lunch from The Meatball Shop in the LES...I got spicy pork meatball + tomato sauce + provolone, and traded half a sub with Prado's chicken meatball + spicy meat sauce. Both great, but, as Chopp advised, the chicken meatballs were actually better! (or was it the spicy meat sauce that did it?) I also had a taste of Wooh's pork meatball + pesto sauce + mozzarella, which was excellent but not quite my thing (I love red sauce).

for $9 with a side salad, not a bad price for a great lunch, either.

Joe & Pat's pizzeria on Staten Island

in Staten Island for a PD last week; making the most of that rare occasion, Lauren & I went with Stan to one of the favorite pizza places of his youth: Joe & Pat's. very thin crust, sweet sauce, pretty delicious even reheated for dinner later back in Greenpoint!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Torrisi's Italian Specialties

after much recent press, Wooh and I checked out Torrisi's Italian Specialties during our lunch break.

the eggplant parm ($10 for a chunk), which I didn't get but will in the future.

the incredibly juicy-looking roast turkey, with thyme and huge hunks of salt all over it.

Wooh got a turkey sandwich, which looks a little yucky in this picture because he got it with mayonnaise :(. Next time, I'm definitely getting it (mayo-free).

Chicken parm sub ($9), for me. Very good sauce, mozz, chicken, and the leaf of basil really adds to the sandwich.

Roasted cauliflower ($3 for a quarter-lb) to split for a side--lots of rosemary, very dark/crispy/roasted.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fatty 'Cue

Jenna mustered the troops (well, Tami, Rob, and I...Priya was, sadly, crippled by work deadlines) and gathered us at the Fatty 'Cue in South Williamsburg for some barbecue-southeast-Asian-fusion-type yumminess.

Cucumber salad with brown rice vinegar, smoked chiles, and sesame.

Coriander bacon with yellow curry mustard.

Bowl of noodles with meat juices and sambal.

Pulled lamb shoulder with goat yogurt, Vietnamese mint, and homemade pita.

Whole pig (a special only on Sundays) with pineapple curry, Thai basil, and four bao.

Red curry duck with pickled daikon and smoked red curry sauce.

Fatty Bar "dark" (with roasted almonds, chili, and Maldon sea salt) and Fatty Bar "milk" (with crystallized ginger, puffed rice, and crisped rice).

S'mores pie with homemade toasted marshmallow topping, chocolate ganache, and graham cracker crust. Cream on the side to pour on top.

outstanding meal. The s'mores pie was kind of insane, as desserts go, and I really couldn't pick a favorite entree--they were all that good. I can't wait to return with Priya!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bo ssam at the Woohs'

over Wooh's house for the last Finer Things dinner of the year...homemade bo ssam. Wooh spent several days cooking pork butt, which we ate with black rice, oysters, ssam jang, butter lettuce, and corn on the cob with mint and cheese. Outstanding.

Friday, June 4, 2010

after happy hour, Prado & I stopped by Mrs. Kim's for dinner. I was keen to try the green garlic/pickled ramps/pancetta lo mein I'd seen last week, but a special salad of watermelon with black vinegar, lime zest, cilantro, and szechuan-spiced cashews sounded interesting enough that I had to get that as well. Prado got the Korean fried chicken (which I've had a handful of times here; it's terrific) and we also both got to try duck-lardo dumplings.

the dumplings were 3 for $11, and coming from Chinatown (where they're 5 for a buck), it would be a little hard for me to pay that. but a bite of them erased any reservations. they had a super-dark-meat, super-delicious duck flavor that far surpassed the pork-and-chive cheapo dumplings from Prosperity.

the strange flavor combinations of the watermelon salad worked perfectly together. I'd never have pictured any of those things working in tandem, but it was a real winner.

and the lo mein was also very good, very satisfying. dark-colored and salty. mmm.

my first cake

for Brina's birthday. obviously I've decorated a thousand and one cakes (when I worked at WMC) and obviously this is from a mix, but the frosting is from scratch and so is the decoration.