Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tulcingo Del Valle

after our fun shower in CT, Priya and Ahmad and I arrived back in the city late Saturday night looking for some food before making the last leg of the journey to our respective homes. Priya had the names of two near-ish Mexican places she wanted to try, so we picked (more or less randomly) Tulcingo Del Valle and walked over to 10th Ave.

two lengua tacos, two carne enchilada. the spicy pork was actually very, very good, just the right amount of crispy and not-crispy. the lengua was pretty decent. The taco-ordering logistics on the menu were extremely confusing--it has a list of all these delicious-sounding tacos, and says, "$2.75" next to them. how many tacos per order? doesn't say. OK, so I order four different tacos. "No, two per order," says the waitress. "Must be the same taco." Two tacos for $2.75? Great deal! "No, one taco for $2.75. But you must order two. And they must be the same." Bleh.

chicken mole and mole enchiladas. I thought the mole sauce here was fantastic--very bright, spicy flavor.

the guacamole and salsa was good, too--I could've used more spice and raw-onion chunks int he guac, but the salsa was spicy enough to make up for it.

Recommended when you're in the 40s and need some food that doesn't suck.

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