Monday, May 10, 2010

St. Anselm

in the neighborhood doing tasks like getting Priya's computer fixed, trying (and failing) to rendezvous with a friend recently in India for travel tips, buying Priya's wedding ring (!), we stopped in at the new St. Anselm on Metropolitan for dinner.

clearly new and not yet fully up and running, St. Anselm's was almost completely empty and did not have paper menus, liquor, most desserts, or a bunch of the offal- and otherwise "haute snack bar" items that we'd been reading about. We went simple, then--draft root beer, a slider, a hot dog, a "Newark dog" (two hot dogs inside a sliced-open pizza-dough "roll", with breaded fried peppers and potatoes and other goodies inside), and disco fries (fries with ricotta cheese and brown gravy, sort of poutine-esque).

I literally had not had a hot dog in more than 20 years before tonight; these were pretty good, I have to say, but I still can't conceive of a situation in which I choose a hot dog over a burger. The slider, incidentally, was outstanding, as were the disco fries and the complimentary chocolate-covered almonds we tried for dessert.

no pictures, as it's sadly very dim inside.

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