Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mrs. Kim's

dinner at Mrs. Kim's; no camera and too dim for cameraphone, so no pictures, but you know what? the food was great, so I have to note it here. maybe I can steal some pictures from other websites.

pork bun (image from

grilled fava beans with mint, fish sauce, and kochukaru (image from

also spicy rice cakes with asparagus (no picture), a damn good hamburger (no picture), and pig-trotter croquettes over pureed pineapple (no picture).

excellent all around. I think I prefer my rice cakes to have a bit of a crispier skin, but I still could not get enough of these. Priya and I left sooo full.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tulcingo Del Valle

after our fun shower in CT, Priya and Ahmad and I arrived back in the city late Saturday night looking for some food before making the last leg of the journey to our respective homes. Priya had the names of two near-ish Mexican places she wanted to try, so we picked (more or less randomly) Tulcingo Del Valle and walked over to 10th Ave.

two lengua tacos, two carne enchilada. the spicy pork was actually very, very good, just the right amount of crispy and not-crispy. the lengua was pretty decent. The taco-ordering logistics on the menu were extremely confusing--it has a list of all these delicious-sounding tacos, and says, "$2.75" next to them. how many tacos per order? doesn't say. OK, so I order four different tacos. "No, two per order," says the waitress. "Must be the same taco." Two tacos for $2.75? Great deal! "No, one taco for $2.75. But you must order two. And they must be the same." Bleh.

chicken mole and mole enchiladas. I thought the mole sauce here was fantastic--very bright, spicy flavor.

the guacamole and salsa was good, too--I could've used more spice and raw-onion chunks int he guac, but the salsa was spicy enough to make up for it.

Recommended when you're in the 40s and need some food that doesn't suck.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

pan-fried trout

pan-fried trout with rosemary and garlic. replicating a technique we learned at the Brooklyn Kitchen/Meat Hook fish class we took a few months ago.

Monday, May 10, 2010

St. Anselm

in the neighborhood doing tasks like getting Priya's computer fixed, trying (and failing) to rendezvous with a friend recently in India for travel tips, buying Priya's wedding ring (!), we stopped in at the new St. Anselm on Metropolitan for dinner.

clearly new and not yet fully up and running, St. Anselm's was almost completely empty and did not have paper menus, liquor, most desserts, or a bunch of the offal- and otherwise "haute snack bar" items that we'd been reading about. We went simple, then--draft root beer, a slider, a hot dog, a "Newark dog" (two hot dogs inside a sliced-open pizza-dough "roll", with breaded fried peppers and potatoes and other goodies inside), and disco fries (fries with ricotta cheese and brown gravy, sort of poutine-esque).

I literally had not had a hot dog in more than 20 years before tonight; these were pretty good, I have to say, but I still can't conceive of a situation in which I choose a hot dog over a burger. The slider, incidentally, was outstanding, as were the disco fries and the complimentary chocolate-covered almonds we tried for dessert.

no pictures, as it's sadly very dim inside.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red cabbage and ramp slaw

Maybe because of my Slavic heritage, I love red cabbage and eat it a few times per week. I made a simple salad/slaw of red cabbage, ramps, sherry vinegar, and oil.

Fiddleheads & ramps

thrown-together dinner: fiddleheads, blanched then sauteed in oil with chopped ramps, fish/onion rice from the sayadiyah a few days ago; Quorn cutlet on rye; radishes with fleur de sel

Fava & ricotta

Fava bean, mint, and ricotta (from DiPalo's) puree on perciatelli. A little more fava and a little less garlic was needed, but it still tasted great.