Friday, March 12, 2010

Xi'an Famous Food

Recently, a new little lunch place opened only a block or two from my work, and finally today (after it was praised by New York Magazine) Wooh and I ventured to check it out.

Xi'an Famous Food has an outpost in Flushing, but has only now made it to Manhattan's Chinatown. It has a good website with great pictures and descriptions that made me want to try eight or nine dishes immediately, and the prices were low. For $4, I got a plate of cold liang pi noodles, and for $2 more, a giant bowl of soft tofu seasoned with hot oil and spices.

I envied Wooh's choice: spicy cumin lamb noodles for $5. Upon ordering, the woman seized a strip of dough and made the noodles right there on the counter. Within five minutes we were out of the shop, and they were fantastic.

definitely going to be a regular lunch place for me! I can't wait to try the lamb spine, lamb offal, or noodle soups...

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