Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paulie Gee's pizza in Greenpoint

just opened 3 days ago...Paulie Gee's, an artisanal-style pizza place in Greenpoint! only a few months ago Priya and I were tarting up shitty slice-place pizza with lobster mushrooms and such. we were excited to try it tonight and got a $14 "Cuban" (ground sausage, mozzarella--scuse me, "fior di latte", tomato sauce, onions, basil) to take out.

verdict? pretty good--great for the area (where there is very little else)! the crust was a bit unsalty while the sausage (we think) had pockets of extreme saltiness, and Priya found a string baked into her crust, but it was a nice pizza. A bit too much blackening on some parts, but the pizza was larger and less floppy than Motorino (not better overall; I don't actually mind a bit o' flop that much).

so I think we'll be back, and I'm really looking forward to the bump in quality that is sure to come in a few months as they iron out kinks.

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