Saturday, March 27, 2010

Co. pizza

after going to Steve Kaltenbach's opening, Priya and I walked a few blocks to Co., a much-talked-about pizza place we'd been hearing about for a long time. Despite the fact that it was 8:15 on a Saturday night and looked busy, they estimated only a 15-20 minute wait for us. It was a bit longer, but not by much; given Co.'s trendiness, I would've expected more (especially as Roberta's is regularly having 90-minute waits nowadays).

Beet salad with roasted pumpkin seeds, watercress, scallions, and olive oil. Delicious, but markedly overdressed! I really did enjoy the roasted pumpkin seed crunch mixed with the sweet beets, though.

Stracciatella cheese (not the gelato), crushed tomato, arugula, buffalo mozzarella. The combo of the greens and tomato gave it a really fresh taste.

Quail eggs, honshimeji mushrooms, guanciale, bechamel, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, rosemary, and garlic. This pizza was outstanding; I didn't think I'd like the bechamel sauce, but it wasn't too much (the stracciatella/tomato pizza actually ended up being more watery), and the quail eggs could not have been more perfectly cooked.

The crust of our pizzas was also superb--some char, but not enough to taste bitter at all, just the right amount. No floppy middle, delicious flavor...arguably the best pizza crust I've ever had.

I really enjoyed Co.'s pizzas, but I'm not sure if, as whole entities, they edge out places closer to me, like Roberta's or Motorino. They definitely deserve to be argued about as a "best in the city" pizza, though. And, unfortunately, the prices are very high; my guanciale pizza cost $20 flat, which is like $6 more than a comparable pizza at Roberta's.

Dessert at Billy's Bakery:

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