Tuesday, February 16, 2010

V-Day...cacio e pepe, blood orange/fennel salad, etc.

Priya & I wanted a very simple, meatless Valentine's Day dinner. We settled on the simplest possible pasta dish: cacio e pepe (recipe from Cook's Illustrated), steamed artichokes, and a winter citrus salad (mandoline-thin fennel and red onion, supremed blood oranges, chunks of ugli fruit, and quartered kumquats). For dessert, a maple-pear cake.

the dinner was perfect, but the dessert had a few kinks. First, our springform pan sprung a leak, and only Priya's foresight in putting a baking sheet under the pan saved us from having to scrub burnt maple syrup off the bottom of our oven. To compound matters, while wrenching the cake pan from its sugary pool, I flipped it upside down, sending the cake tumbling out and damaging it to the point that we couldn't really take pictures. It did taste very good, though.

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